Strategic Research

Strategic Research

strategic / [struh-tee-jik] / adjective:  necessary to or important in the initiation, conduct, or completion of a strategic plan

research / [ree-surch] / noun:  studious inquiry or examination

Strategic Research is a multistep process that involves the research instrument design, effective collection, accurate analysis, and pragmatic presentation of patron data. Our company believes objectivity throughout the research process is of utmost importance. We only employ a trained, paid research staff at all times.


We begin the research process by collaborating with clients to design a research instrument that will collect information relevant to their unique needs. No two clients are alike, nor are their research & data requirements. With a well-designed set of questions, we strive to ensure a valuable service.


Data collection is the most important step in the research process. Without accurately collected data, any research study will be rendered flawed and unreliable. Our ability to collect representative, conclusive data sets us apart from other research firms.

We are able to utilize a number of data collection techniques, either individually or in conjunction with each other. Our team works with individual clients to determine the proper sample size (number of surveys to collect) needed to yield accurate data, and we staff accordingly to best attain this goal.

Intercept surveys are professionally-designed to gather on-site respondent data efficiently. As skilled communicators, we load surveys onto iPads and approach a diverse range of respondents throughout the research area at appropriate opportunities to collect data. Our courteous, professional staff is able to obtain great deals of information in 2-4 minutes, keeping the experience positive for survey respondents. We are also able to staff multilingual researchers to effectively capture diverse feedback from multicultural research populations. Intercept surveys are often the most reliable data collection method for larger productions, non-ticketed productions, and also where gate tickets are sold.

E-mail surveys are effective research instruments for fully-ticketed productions where e-mail addresses for the entire respondent population are known. We most commonly employ this method for athletic events requiring pre-event sign up. E-mail surveys are also useful in capturing vendor and volunteer feedback at larger productions requiring pre-registration.

Paper Surveys / Mail Surveys are effective in data collection when gathering feedback from a large pool of respondents in one effort.


After collection, survey data is recorded and professionally analyzed. We interpret data to identify trends, providing key pieces of information for review. The final deliverable is a comprehensive, full-color report with graphs, detailed maps, and cross-tabulations containing valuable information for use in making strategic decisions. Our team is also available to conduct live presentations of collected data and research analysis, therefore providing a deeper understanding to key stakeholders.


Client data is held in full confidence at all times and is never shared or sold to any third-party.


We are able to efficiently and objectively conduct elections using our staff and technology. Results are recorded and reported in real-time.